In which we are not home for the weekend, so please leave a message. BEEEEEEEEEP!

Jim and I are off to the annual convention of the Pacific Northwest Endurance Rides this weekend.

We won't get any awards ourselves, but it's great fun to meet up with our friends and spend a whole weekend with everyone when we aren't exhausted and filthy.

Here's a YouTube video of a fabulous Speed Racking Standardbred to watch while you're waiting for us to come back with stories and pictures from Portland.

To see a really inspiring short documentary about the "richest" Standie in history breaking the world record for trotting under saddle (with famous jockey Julie Krone in the stirrups!), go here:
Part One
Part Two


  1. Cool! Have a great time and I look forward to seeing the pix.

  2. Those videos were fantastic! You know I love racking horses with classic rock soundtracks :) And Moni Maker looks like she was an amazing racer. Do all horses (or STBs?) paddle like that at the trot? She had such a funky way of going, but I don't know that I've ever seen a really fast trot from that angle.

  3. Funder: Although Fiddle has a gorgeous "dressage trot", she does that same wonky-looking trot when she is really zooming. It looks (and feels) like her back end is coming unscrewed (eek!) and it totally freaked me out at first--I was sure she would lame herself.

    Then I saw Moni Maker doing the same motion while breaking a world record, so I decided not to worry about it anymore!

    My old Standie had a much more normal trot, although she was a pacer and would also singlefoot and speedrack when she wanted to impress me. Story wasn't nearly as fast as Fiddle (or Moni Maker) though.


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