In which both of the horses learn to be ponies...and tow vehicles!

Hana has been getting a lot of work lately, so while she's a little bit tired
(and a little bit mellow),
I decided that it was a good time to teach the mares a skill that will be useful once we return to the Renegade camp.

"Wait.  We're gonna learn something?"

Yup.  It's time for these mares to learn to be the trailer...AND to be the tow truck!

I started by riding Hana and ponying Fiddle.

Fiddle was amazingly mellow about this whole process.  When we walk, she likes to hang out in back, grabbing bites of grass as we go. 

But when we trot, she likes to trot with her head right by my knee.  I've never seen her so relaxed (probably because I'm usually behind her face instead of next to it).  Hana's medium-trot is an easy jog for Fiddle, so she just puttered along beside us with her lower lip flopping in the breeze. 

And check out the sky:  it's full of BLUENESS! 

The weather forecasters guessers are saying that our temperatures will top 70 degrees (for the first time since last October!) tomorrow--for today, I was just delighted to have dry skies and colors other than grey.
Right about here was the spot I dropped my camera...and didn't notice for quite a while.  Argh.

It was time to trade horses, so I hopped up on Fiddle and we backtracked up the hill, and...

Hooray!  I found the camera!

Hana wasn't as thrilled about being the caboose, but she figured it out pretty quickly, and better still:  Fee figured out that I am in charge of her and Hana, no matter which horse I'm riding.  Phew.  That took a little bit of convincing, but she really did get it.
...and Hana tagged along behind.
Back at the trailer: 

"We learned stuff today, didn't we?"

"Yeah.  I guess we did.  That was pretty okay."

Yes.  It was. 

Life is good.


  1. That's funny, Aarene, because I've just started the same new lessons with MY girls! Had a minor wreck with the sensitive one (you know--the one you DIDN'T ride? Same issue, multiplied by scary), and have been taking it slow getting going again. But I need to find a way to get more than one horse at a time exercised! Will be getting back to the blog soon...

  2. This post makes me want to get a youngster I can pony around with me.

  3. Great way to multi-task! I'm going to have to try that with Dazzy and Cartman some day. I've never really taught Dazzy to neckrein so that might be kinda interesting, but baby Cartman is learning it, so maybe he'll have to pony Mom around!
    Love the blue sky and dry trails!

  4. I need to do this with my two. I'm still doing some remedial work with Casey such as accepting fly spray. Two lessons and he figured out the misty, smelly stuff wasn't scary and it made those little pests go away! I'm so proud of him! Next up, standing for a bath without stocks!


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