In which there's a new article about standies in endurance -- Yay!

I just got the link to the latest "AERC Extra", the fall edition of the online quarterly newsletter from the American Endurance Rides Conference.

And there, on pages 21 and 22, is an article about a standardbred doing endurance, and I didn't even write it!!!

Can you see me grinning from where you are standing?  I thought so.

Click on the logo (above) to see the newsletter, or click HERE.  

(While you're there, click on an advertiser or two also, please.  That helps keep the bills paid. Thanks.)

I haven't written about riding lately, because I haven't been riding lately. Not because of the weather, which alternates (sometimes in 30-minute increments) between sunny and humid, overcast and humid, and pouring-down-rain. Not because I don't have time, because actually I do have time.

No. I'm giving my horse a break. The Bare Bones ride was tough. It's the last ride of the season for Fiddle and me (although I may borrow Sky's horse Cricket to do an LD in October; we're still waiting for the weather forecast to decide about that), and Fiddle has worked hard all season. I've given her almost two weeks time off to rest and recoup, with just a few short sessions of "tricks-for-cookies" to keep her mind focused.

Tomorrow, however, the vacation is over. I'm going riding, come hell-or-high-zombies!



  1. I am getting supplies ready for winter trail riding an somehow do not think a newmarket quarter rug is going to cut it... I know you blogged about a great rump rug you use, would you mind sending me the link? I live on the other side of the country but fall is starting in a very swampland like manner and I want something 'field tested' : )

  2. Hi Gina,
    The rumprug on the huge backside of my Dragon mare is made by Sally Perry:

    When riding a less-draconic, more reasonably-sized horse, I used the wonderful rump rug made by Victoria White:

    Both products are handmade by lovely ladies who live here in the Swampland and know all about staying warm and dry! The rugs are sturdy, too--I used the rug Victoria made for at least 7 years and it looks new. Sally's is equally well-made.

    Tell 'em I sent ya. >g<

  3. Loved the endurance article on Eli. I actually know his former owner/breeder. Was doubly cool to read :)

  4. Anon: please pass the word back to the breeder that Eli is doing so well in endurance!

    With the harness track economy falling apart, the breeders and trainers need to be reminded that their horses have other skills (besides being dogfood)!!!

  5. Whoo hoo for Standies!

    Also - had to shoot off an email with i saw you mention Sky. It's really cool when you see someone you know mentioned in a blog!

  6. Hey you guys! Thanks for all the positive comments about my Eli. We are also huge fans of Fiddle as well. At least we have both sides of the country covered I keep in close contact with Archie McNeil and he is really proud of Eli.
    Happy Trails!


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