In which we have an update on Pickles Marie Tinydog (and friends)

To everyone who has inquired about Pickles:
She is doing very well.   She considers herself a "born Farm Dog" now.   She helps with all the chores, especially when I'm tending the chickens and accidentally drop an egg (or two).

And, of course, she comes to ridecamp with me, so that she can charm all of her fans.
photo by fangirl Dory Jackson
 The other dogs are a little dismayed to have such a cute sibling who steals attention from them.
Mimsy always ties her tethers in knots like this.  It's, like, a thing for her.
 Luna is willing to concede the position of "cutest."

 However, the position of "prettiest" is not up-for-grabs.  Luna is,

and always will be, the prettiest.   How can I ever resist those beautiful eyes?

But I've got to admit a weakness for

"Zucchini Mouth."


  1. Slightly off topic for sure but... What is the accordion-like metal stair contraption in the background behind Luna (who is AMAZINGLY beautiful)? I can't be sure but I think it's exactly the Thing I've been looking for!

  2. I love that Pickles Marie eats summer squash!

    Have you read this?

    You might want to keep an especially close eye on Pickles Marie and produce. Don't let her read that! She might get ideas...

  3. I had intended to make my way back over to actually meet Pickles Marie, but the weather kinda got me distracted- I hope to meet her next ride, she is SO CUTE!!!!
    Oh, and guess who is NOT mauling me for treats over the stall door? And is actually looking away? HA!


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