In which the weather continues on with whiteness, to which I say "BAH."

Fiddle's paddock and pasture, covered in white stuff.

Not much to say about the weather today, except:  BAH.

Yes, it's pretty.  But truthfully, it's always pretty here. 
Mostly it's pretty green, especially the mossy, moldy, mildewy bits. 

I don't know what these red berries are.  They're pretty, and they aren't green.  Also, the birds won't eat them, not even the chickens.  The plant, like many other things around here, "came with the farm" and I haven't been able to kill it with neglect or the truck so far.  If I ever find out what it is (readers?  any ideas?) I'll go get a bunch of them: a bush that I can't kill is worth having!

I'm not the only one who dislikes the cold wet stuff. 
Can you sense the disapproval of this apple?
(it's the only one left on the tree, because Mimsy can't reach it!)

I got them to sit still for a photo...briefly.
The dogs think this stuff is pretty fun, but it makes Pickles sneeze!
"Ahhh.  Ahhhh.   Ahhhhhh-------"
Big sneeze + little dog = she frequently gets blown off her own feet, and then has to go chase a chicken to compensate.

If plastic owls could speak, this "snowy owl" would be saying something rude.
The plastic owl in the chicken coop seems to share my opinion of the weather.

Not a big fan of sn*w.

Hana: "Why go outside?  There's plenty of food RIGHT HERE!"

wearing her heaviest blanket--it's nice and warm under there!
Fiddle:  "I don't care either way, as long as that's a cookie in your other hand."
Pirate flag today should say "Shovel or shut up."
The bright side of bad weather:  plenty of time to write. 
I've got drafts of Chapters 1-4 done for the Endurance 101 book, and finished some editing on the Introduction and Chapter 1 of the other book.

And of course, I wrote a blog post...on a Monday.  

Silver linings, right? 


  1. How is it possible that even the plastic paraphernalia on your farm even manage to look disgusted with the snow? That's talent!

  2. You're getting snow, we're getting tornadoes. Trade? Our local WX forecaster said there's something wrong with adults who get excited about snow. I'd say BAH too.

  3. Unless your photos are a couple days old... you don't have the snow we do!

  4. haha, Connie: you posted your comment about 60 seconds before I posted the new photos! We've got about a foot of white stuff, and it's STILL bucketing down. Boooo!


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