In which it's that time again already: time to go shopping for PROM!

We had so much fun wearing our thrift-shop prom dresses at the Pacific Northwest Endurance Rides' convention last year that we decided to repeat this experience...

One rack in one store.  We hit SIX thrift stores today in search of fancy frocks!
 And, off we went. 

Note that this is a HORSE-RELATED post:  we met up at Fish Creek Farm, and van-pooled to thrift stores together.  If you look carefully, you will see a horse through the front windscreen of the van. 

Say "hi" to Rocky as we drive past him!
Our plan is always quite simple:  try on everything that looks interesting. 

Dory looks awesome.

Me, in the same dress, looking piratical!
 We tried on dresses of all shapes,
What is the best part of the outfit?  The sports bra?  Or the socks?
 ...and sizes...
I was sooooooo sad that this purple dress didn't fit me!!!

For the really good dresses, we all squoze into them.

The gold dress didn't fit.  Too bad!

We did stop for lunch.  Then...back to the thrift shops!  We still needed to find shoes

Cute, but perhaps not seen to advantage with sport socks?

Not much in the world more fun than red shoes.
We also found some, er, supportive foundational garments.

A lovely example of a holder-upper/squisher-inner

Who knew that you could find such a wide variety of squisher-inners, holder-uppers, strapper-downers, smusher-flatters, and fluffer-uppers at thrift stores?  Amazing!

Last stop: accessories.

Patty's hat is pink leopard print.  Mine has skulls and crossed bones.
Hats, gloves, and tiaras.  We are going to be fancy ladies, fer shore.

Fortunately, we still have two weeks until the event--there's plenty of time to recover from our marathon shopping trip!

We are 'sausted.

Life. Is. SHINY!

and also, good.

(if you're going to be in the Portland, Oregon area on January 20-22, consider coming to the PNER Convention.  Speakers and vendors are free!  Details HERE.)


  1. Oh my goodness. You guys have more fun than anybody, don't you? Love your description of foundation garments.

  2. What a fun post--loved the dresses. That is a truly inspired idea. I will remember it--that is if I ever go to another party that would warrant such a dress(!)

  3. I was supposed to be in Albany Oregon at the end of this mouth but plans fell thru. Damn it would have so been worth the extra hour to meet you and your gang.


  4. Looks like so much fun!

  5. Bwahahaha! Love it - what could be better than friends with an incredibly fun sense of humor. AND they're horse people. My God! You've hit the jackpot!


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