In which I'm sure you're all wondering why I've gathered you here today

Wanna read the sneak peek?

The cover!

The book is almost ready to launch.
Monica has been working her wing-feathers off 

Fortunately, the Bad Idea Fairy still has plenty of wing feathers remaining

to put carefully crafted photos 

Modelling cold/wet weather gear,  (purple, of course!)
with the help of the beautiful Akhal-Teke "Magdan."
 matched up with captions and placed within the text of the book.   And it's almost ready!

Can't stand the wait?  How about a free preview?  

Visit our BRAND NEW WEBPAGE,  and leave your email address on the RELEASE LIST.  You can also send an email here:  We want to know what format you prefer to read (print, Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc), so we can sent you a note when it's ready.  We promise not to send you any junk email.

After you've sent us a note, click the link to the FREE SNEAK PEEK... and enjoy!

(It sure would be nice if you'd leave a comment back here on the blog when you've read the free stuff.  Authors and publishers really groove on that kind of stuff!)

Draft of the back cover.
The real back cover has an ISBN
and actual words that make sense.
See the book!


  1. I enjoyed the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the book. As a graphic designer, I appreciate the layout and overall design of it. Your writing is easy to follow, and I feel will be welcoming to someone new.

  2. Congratulations! All your hard work is paying off.

  3. I love the sneak peak of the book. I agree your writing is easy to follow, very informative, and best of all fun! Thank you!

    Very witty and interesting! You're writing style is fantastic and very easy to follow.

  5. I can't wait to read the book your writing its easy to read and very understandable. Great pictures and captions.

  6. Very easy to read, your writing its understandable and easy to follow.

  7. I read your Endurance 101 blog posts all at once earlier this summer when I bought my horse, and although I won't be doing endurance anytime soon after all, I'm looking forward to reading the book and marking it up in preparation for when I finally WILL be ready. :-)

  8. Love it!!! I can't wait to read the rest, and I'm going to need an extra copy or two to lend out to the people I've been running into who are curious about trying a distance ride- this will be perfect:)

  9. Website looks great! (Haven't had time for the sneak peak yet.) Looks almost like a professional endeavor... ;-D Great work!

  10. hey, don't you have a search on your blog? i'm looking for a post you wrote long ago about comparing horses to an addiction.

  11. This is a fabulous sneak peek! I can't wait to get my copy. The pictures are wonderful, and I just love the Claymation Purpaloosa BIF horse.

  12. Really enjoyable read - kinda like having a good friend give you the well-informed but amusing 'inside story' on the sport! :)


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