In which Hana is a tripod, and we walk in sunshine (just in time)

When I met with Monica last week, 

Lookeeee!   Postcards advertising the book!
she had all kinds of thrilling updates on the publishing process of the Endurance 101 book.

But she still needed a few photos to fill a few holes.
Monica and Hana


I rode in caboose position, and took pictures of everybody else taking pictures!

...the Usual Suspects had a "walking ride" scheduled the very next day to take some newbie horses out on the trail.  PERFECT!
Sally is an experienced endurance rider, but Burley is young
and just starting to learn about stuff.

Hana is a pretty good "tripod horse".
Hana isn't as experienced a "tripod" as Fiddle,
but she figured out how to do the job and
look good at the same time.
The horses, except for Fee and Hana, are all a bit out of shape, so we just walked...through the woods, up and down some hills, over a bridge, with a brief potty-stop in the clearing.

All good practice for young horses...and good photo ops for Monica!

We timed our ride perfectly--I got notice this evening that all of our usual trails are CLOSED to recreational riders by the DNR because of high fire danger.  We've got rain forecast for next weekend--hopefully, the woods will remain spark-free until then!


  1. a good tripod horse makes a great cmo horse: )

    hana is so pretty! espcially in white. she needs a white breastcollar.

  2. Glad to see you all were able to enjoy a day of sunshine on the dry, dusty trails! Soon we hope... soon to be wet trails! Linda & I still want to show you where we need trail help~

  3. Lytha: I think Duana intends to dress Hana in an entirely different color after we hand over the papers. Stay tuned, I guess....

    HHome: YES, let's go see those trails as soon as we get some precip!


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