In which our family gets floofier and Haiku Farm gets louder

This time, the message came via Facebook:

Roo-dog meets Santa Jim

"There's a sheltie here, and she needs a new home.  Can you help?"

Her former owners love her a lot, but needed to move her to a new home.  So Santa Jim and I loaded up in the truck and headed over the pass to meet our new dog.

clear-and-wet roads through the Pass, hurrah!

The weather was cold but cooperative.  A minor miracle.  We picked her up at a central meeting-spot, and then took her and Luna for a walk in a nearby cemetary before heading back to the Wet Side of the mountains.
Playing in cemetaries:  quiet, with no traffic

Although Will moved out a few weeks ago, he couldn't wait for the weekend to come visit the new family member.
All the kids on one couch

As with all new dogs (and children) at Haiku Farm, she will be attending Puppy Boot Camp for the next few weeks, logging plenty of miles on local trails
Roo-dog on the Burke-Gilman Trail

She chases balls, but not sticks.  Who knew?

and at local parks and beaches.

Of course, there are also games we can play at home

Roo is a retrieving dog.  The other Floofs, not so much. 

It's still pretty fun, though.

Especially for the ones who like to bark!


  1. Congratulations on your newest family member. As servant to a barking non-retrieving floof dog, I can imagine the excitement from the sidelines as Luna and Mimsy cheer on Roo dog.

  2. She's such a beauty! Congratulations!

  3. Another floofy dog. Yay! She's lovely. And lucky. Again, with the perfect name. Congratulations all around.


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