In which Fiddle smiles for the camera...and for her new little friend

It's that time of year again.

The Mobile Equine Dental Clinic of Dr. Sarah Metcalf, DVM

"Hi Fiddle!  Step right into the office, and Dr. Metcalf will be with you in just a moment."
Tegan is Dory's new grandchild--
the happy result of "family restructuring."
She loves being a BARN KID!

Fiddle has been here before.  Dental visits used to be a big, they are an annual routine.

When the sedation has taken hold,

Fee is a "happy drunk"

Sarah examines the patient's bite and grind patterns.

"I can't feel my lips.  Do I still have lips?"

 Then she fires up the power tools to grind off the sharp "hooks" and make everything flat and comfortable again.
Sarah has biceps like "Rosie the Riveter" 

She checks her work visually, and follows up with a manual exam.

For an Arab, this requires about 12 inches of hand-and-wrist.  To manually examine Fee's back molars, Sarah goes elbow-deep.

"Rinse, and spit."

One last check to make sure the alignment is okay.  Then, the patient is released to go walk off the sedation.  Although Fee burns quickly through sedative (as evidenced on Spay Day, when she was extremely difficult to sedate for surgery!) we don't give her any extra, because she doesn't wiggle around in the stocks even when she's mostly awake.

"Are those my lips?  I still can't feel my lips..."
This also allows her to emerge from the "drunken sailor" stage quicker.

Note that Fee's head is almost exactly the
same size as ALL of Tegan.  

"Sorry, Fiddle.  No cookies until you wake all the way up! 
Come visit me soon and I will give you more!"


  1. Hudson has read this, and been bugging me relentlessly to find a dentist who will come to him. He loves the trailer, but hates riding home when he's got an anesthetic hangover.

    This is great! Love the pics. "Still can't feel my lips" hehehehehehehe.

    FYI Blogger won't let me comment on your site when I'm mobile - at least not without a google account. So I made one, hopefully this will work!


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