In which we rejoice in our Swamplandish blue skies (and storytelling)

Can you believe how clear and blue our Swampish skies have been this week?

Me neither!
Sunny days, chasing the clouds away...

We've got Patty back in the saddle again, with some cool skid marks to show for her little incident.
You should see the other guy.

Monica is back with us again, too, hooray! She's riding Hana while Duana is stuck doing some lucrative lawyer-y thingy.
Smiling.  That's what we like to see.

(that isn't blood on Monica's britches--it's berry juice. The salmon berries are ripe!)

PowellsWood Garden in Federal Way, WA.

...and when the salmon berries are ripe, it's time for us to return for a weekend of storytelling at the Powellswood Garden Storytelling Festival.

Sound check:  "On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixon...."

Santa Jim ran sound in a tent for two days, while I took the mic as Master of Ceremonies.
A tired kid is a happy kid.

Our young friend Henry came along to volunteer for the event--he did everything from delivering lunches to moving chairs...

...and still had time to explore the beautiful garden in between performance sets.

Onstage, we were treated to stories told by old friends...

Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald and musician Richard Scholtz

...and also learned new songs and dances from storytellers who are new to the festival. (Jeeva Raghunath is a well-known performer in Malaysia, but this was her first visit to the Swampland).

The monkey-dance was a big hit.

On Sunday, Santa Jim and I got to tell stories at the Lighthouse Park in Mukilteo

Santa Jim tells a story from Turkey

...along with our dear friend Rebecca. We told funny stories, sad stories, and even a few scary stories.

Rebecca tells the story of the mysterious ghost of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse,
near Newport Oregon.

...and then we went home to make a gourmet dinner using fresh ingredients from the local farmer's market (and the garden too, of course!)

I would tell you what's in this, but you would get jealous.

I forgot to take a picture of my beautiful food...

Clean plate club.

...until it was too late.
But (you guessed this):


  1. Not that you've been staying "busy" or anything like that! Now I've put another garden on my list of "must visits"! Glad Patty's unplanned dismount wasn't any harder!


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