In which we "Bug Out" for a few hours and spend some time with some fun Volks

My younger brother has a thing for bugs.

Not the insects.

A few years ago, he started really getting involved with the local Volkwagon Club, and started (re-) building Bugs.  His first car was a bright yellow "late bug" (post 1968) called The Grumblebug, and then he brought hom Dieter:

Dieter is a ragtop.  In other words, not a practical Swamplandic vehicle.
But a cool one!

He explained to me that his housing choices were made in a manner similar to mine:  we looked at the pasture quite closely, and sorta glanced at the house before buying Haiku Farm.  He's got a GIGANTIC enclosed garage with a cute little apartment upstairs.   I get that.

Apparently there's a(t least one) car skeleton in the garage, waiting to be turned into something the bugs we saw displayed at the first (and hopefully annual) BUG BLITZ managed by my brother the bug fan:

A bunch of Bugs

Santa Jim thinks my brother's next project should be a bright-red bus, decorated with snowflakes, so Santa can drive to gigs in style.  

Unlike the VW Vanagon I used to drive, these buses are cool.
(Consumer Reports once called the VW Vanagon a
"comfortable place to wait for AAA to come rescue you."

No report yet on my brother's opinion of this plan.  But we did see some pretty cool vehicles at the Bug Blitz.  Some were restored, with careful attention to vintage detail:

Others were modernized and "customed":

Hand-painted by the owner to look like a WWII fighter plane

As with endurance events, it's perfectly acceptable to press family members into service for a gig like this. 

Santa Jim and I worked registration and helped the bug guys count votes for awards

Lisa bossed traffic around

My mom and the floofs collected admission for spectators

Niece Cassidy oversaw the bouncy house for kids

My dad (not pictured) watched over the crayon table

On a break from working the show, we wandered around to admire the vehicles.

The long/tall bus is cool, but I'd hate to drive it in a high wind!

Interior of the long/tall bus

I found my favorite, right off.

Custom painted Karmann Ghia

Near the end of the show, we tallied up the votes in each catagory and printed out winner certificates.  I started out as part of the certificate crew

Martha Stewart does not lose sleep over my talent

but they decided my artistic talents and attention to detail skills were a little too lame for this crowd.

At the end of the event,

Brother Randy (finally) takes a break!

we were tired.  And hungry!  But look what our next-door-neighbor brought over:

Deer, elk, and bear meat, courtesy of our neighbor

Combine a nice deer roast with some fresh garden vegetables,

"Purple Dragon" carrots, regular carrots, baby butternut squash
and inevitable zucchini, plus purple, red, and yellow potatoes

to create

Caramelize the vegetables, brown the meat, then
combine in a slow cooker for a few hours

Dear me/deer meat stew for dinner.

And (you guessed this already, right?)

It was good.
(Coming soon:  more horse stuff!)


  1. What a great day! Love all the bugs! Grandson Ben still pinches me when he sees one first! Some really amazing vehicles & looks like you put the entire family to work! :-)

  2. out of all the cars i see on the roads in germany, ironically, it's when i see bugs that i am reminded of home. i have no idea why except they are so distinctive and remind me of my childhood.

    i want a slow cooker so bad, but they are virtually unknown here because they represent an inefficient use of electricity...i guess. whenever i go to a household goods store to ask, they say, "oh, you mean a pressure cooker?" no...the opposite. i've only seen them on in germany.

  3. Love this! I can actually feel the good time had by all...


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