In which there is music in my head and you are invited to sing

My riding buddies know that there is always music playing inside my head.

Cariboo Gold Express ride photo by D. Pavlik

The internal playlist varies widely, from my kids' favorite pop hits to the boy scout songs of my youth. Melodies of all types take up a lot of room in my brain.  (No wonder I can't remember phone numbers!)

Unfortunately, the space in my brain that stores lyrics seems to corrupt the files fairly frequently, leaving a "decomposed" song in the space.
My father encouraged my affinity for decomposed songs, beginning when I was very young.
(How was I supposed to know the lyrics weren't supposed to be "We three kings of Orient are/tried to smoke a rubber cigar" ??? I was only 4 years old!!!)

When I got a bit older, I discovered filking, which only cemented in my brain the virtue of decomposing the classics.

My brain was made for this.

I've shared several decomposed songs on this blog.  One of my best is HERE.  One of the not-so-best is HERE.

Fiddle doesn't mind what I sing, as long as I keep in rhythm.  So, she didn't mind that today's song kept circling back to new versions of Pete Seeger's classic "Old Time Religion."  Between the Seeger's version, which is already is a decomposed version of the original rousing gospel tune (Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash sing a nice version that isn't a parody, although to modern ears it almost sounds like one, HERE), it didn't take much for me to start wanting some new verses.

Give me that Old Time Religion, Give me that Old Time Religion
Give me that Old Time Religion--it's good enough for me!

Let us pray with Aphrodite, although she is quite flighty
She wears that see-through nighty and it's good enough for me!


Now let's hear it for the Sun God, 'Cuz he's a really fun god
(RA!  RA! RA!)  Let's hear hear it for the Sun God and it's good enough for me!

This was all fine and fun, until we encountered these:

gigantic silage marshmallows wrapped in white plastic

...and the song changed from:
Let us pray with Zarathustra, let us pray just like we usta
I'm a Zarathustra-boostra, and it's good enough for me!

to Also Sprach Zarathustra, known to most people as the music from 2001: a Space Odyssey.   

when you get close, you can see that the plastic is loose.  And flapping.  

Now comes the first part of the audience participation bit of this blog post:

 There aren't any words.  Just do the melody line and pound on your desk if you like and sing the song as Fiddle approaches the Gigantic Weird Thing.

Ready?  Okay:  SING!

White flapping plastic is TERRIFYING, if you happen to be one of those
extremely sensible horses who knows the truth about white plastic grocery bags
and their role in bringing about the zombie apocalypse.

Baaaaaa.  Daaaaaa.  Daaaaaa----Ba-dah!  (kettle drums)

         Baaaaaa.  Daaaaaa.  Daaaaaa----Ba-dah!  (kettle drums)

"Touch the plastic, get a cookie," I told her.

Bahh dahh dahhhh 
     Dahh dahh dahhhh, DAHHHHH!    (trumpets and triumphant kettle drums)

She sang the 2001 music...and got closer....closer...closer.
And earned herself a cookie.
Zarathustra.  Who knew how useful he ustra be on the trail?

Tee hee.

It seems to me that there should be an "Old Time Religion" verse for Epona.  Anyone wanna take a stab at decomposition?  Anyone?  Anyone?

"It doesn't matter if you can sing.  It only matters that you do sing."


  1. "We are the champions..." - Queen

  2. I'm not sure we could have touched those... Good mare!

    Also, I adore that first photo.

  3. love the last photo - can't imagine being able to do that with my horse!

  4. My husband is always coming up with his own lyrics to music I like, (most of which is completely unrepeatable!) & I forevermore have his deconstructed lyrics in my head when I hear those songs! :/

    (But it does crack me up!)


  5. Mugwump: yep. exactly. Although the rhythm on that one is a little stately for our normal pace :-0

    Dom: We were not in a hurry. One might say that it took us almost seven years to touch those things, since it would never have been possible to get near them two years ago!

    lytha: Again, that photo was seven years in the making. It visually sums up the current Aarene/Dragon relationship: I'm busy doing something, and she stands relaxed, leaning on me, waiting for me to finish my thing so we can do something fun. That photo is another thing that couldn't have happened two years ago.

    Horseyhabit: now you understand why I always seem a bit distracted and amused. This stuff is playing in my head *continually.*


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