In which there's another gift of story for you to share with your friends

A lot of people of celebrating a lot of different things today.  Maybe you're one of them.  Maybe you aren't.  Either way, here's a story.  Enjoy!


The Four Harmonious Friends, a Jataka tale (Bhutan)
One day a peacock planted a little seed. 

Along came a rabbit. She asked, “Can I help?”
“Yes”, said the peacock. "Please bring water." So the rabbit watered the seed.

Along came a monkey. He asked, “Can I help?”
“Yes,” said the rabbit. "Please bring fertilizer."  So the monkey fed the seed.

 Along came an elephant. She asked, “Can I help?”
“Yes,” said the monkey. “Please watch the seed.”  So the elephant guarded the seed.

A seedling sprouted. A little plant grew.  The little plant became a big tree. Beautiful fruit grew on the tree.

“I cannot reach the fruit,” cried the elephant.

“I can help,” said the monkey. He jumped onto the elephants back. “I cannot reach the fruit, either,” cried the monkey.

“I can help,” said the rabbit. She jumped on monkeys back. “I cannot reach the fruit either.”

“I can help,” said the peacock. He jumped onto the rabbits back. 

The peacock picked for everyone, and together they shared the fruit of the tree they had grown together.

It is said that when the story of the Four Harmonious Friends is told, auspicious events will occur.


  1. You're one of my favorite friends. Thank you for the story, and Merry Christmas!


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