In which part four of the five-day challenge shows that I'm not a "show gal."

16. One thing you’d like to change about your horse
I would like her to be shorter.

I know people think that I would wish to change her temperament to something more amenable, but I don't.  If I could wish for two changes, "sweetening" might be the second change.

I'm not usually taller than anybody,
and certainly not usually taller than Monica!

But she's only cranky sometimes, and she is ALWAYS tall.

Shrimpy and Gigantor

17. Your horse’s future
In the immediate future (while I work on various pain issues), Fiddle will practice being a home-taught therapy horse.
Yoga on horseback.
Trained stunt horse, closed course. Don't do this at home.

Fee has figured out the difference between the gigantic thumping cue that means "keep walking whilst I twist sideways in the saddle and pound on my left hip and dangle my right leg off the far side" and the teeny little shift in my seat bones cue that means "please execute a shoulder-in to the center of the arena."

Did I mention that I really like this mare?

Long term, we're gonna do a bunch more of this:

Leaving camp on the last loop of a 50-miler

18. Your worst horse show endurance ride ever

Going to any endurance ride is better than staying home.

Still, Renegade 2013 had some exceedingly sucky bits.  Read the whole account HERE.

19. Favorite horse show endurance ride venue
The Renegade Rendezvous camp and ride is by far my favorite event of the year.  Not only because it's the prettiest ride in our region (even when it rains, like it did this year), but also because it's a great social event for my family and friends.

The accommodations aren't posh, but they are very friendly.

20. Your show day endurance ride routine

I wrote three chapters of a book about this, ya know.

HERE is the link to the Bad Idea Fairy's version of ride day.

The Bad Idea Fairy
and her trusty steed "HoldMyBeerAndWatchThis"

Mine is sorta like hers, without quite so many mistakes.  (Hopefully.)

Speaking of the book, by the way, Monica and I very quietly passed our ONE YEAR AS PUBLISHED AUTHORS anniversary last week.

More than 500 copies sold so far (that's more than 5 times
the national average for an indie-published book)
and still selling steadily!

Do you have yours?  Do you need another copy to loan to a friend or to an endurance wannabee?

The e-book is quick to download (put it under the tree!) and only $9.99!

The print book won't arrive in time for Xmas (unless you live in the Seattle area--call us to arrange delivery!) but you still have plenty of time to read it before going to your next (or first) endurance ride.

HERE is the link to buy the print or electronic book.

If you haven't read the FREE first chapter, do that first HERE.

Coming soon:  
Part Five of this challenge, and some stories for the season!


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