In which I do something that is not recommended, and it's not bad!

I had a plan when I got up this morning.

I didn't plan to go sky diving.  I didn't plan to go deep-sea diving.

I didn't plan to run a marathon, or re-roof the house, or sing the National Anthem at the top of my lungs in the local grocery store.

I planned to do something else.

Fiddle:  "Come on, let's GO!"

I planned to take somebody with me too.

I didn't plan to take Roo.  I didn't plan to take Twelve.

I didn't take a goat, or a cat, or the neighbors' new puppies.

I planned to take somebody else.

Outstanding in her field.
 The sky wasn't grey today.  It wasn't orange, either.

Someone did not lose weight during her layoff.

 It wasn't purple, or yellow, or pink, or taupe.  It was something else.

Saddle still fits.  Let's go!

I didn't plan to meet up with my mom when I went out.

I didn't plan to meet up with a firefighter, or an astronaut, or an overweight aging rock star on the casino circuit, or a long-lost polynesian princess, or my 7th grade geometry teacher.

I planned to meet up with somebody else.

Dory makes me smile!
We didn't see giraffes.

We didn't see palm trees.

Swamp Tulips

We didn't see antique roses, or venus flytraps, or Joshua trees in bloom.

We saw something else.

Salmonberry blossom.

I was not in agony.

I did not have twinges, burnings, or soreness or aching.  I did not have itches, tenderness, tingling or ouchiness.  I did not have to stand up in my stirrups, sit sideways in my saddle, or pound the devil out of my left leg.

Less than an hour (because I promised it would be less than an hour).
3.37 miles in 52 minutes, 2 seconds.  

And I didn't feel sad.

I didn't feel morose or afraid or angry.

I didn't feel disgusted, or envious or outraged or bored or depressed or guilty or jealous.

I felt...something else.


  1. That is SO fantastic! Best thing I've heard this week, Aarene :)

  2. that looked like trotting!!!!!!!!!!!! :).

  3. Aarene that's wonderful!! And I can TOTALLY relate (haha total left hip replacement Oct 7). It feels wonderful to ride without pain. It took me awhile to get comfortable swinging my leg over on mounting, just fear mainly but I'm there now. I love your poetry-and-photo-essay story of your first adventure back in the saddle!

  4. This is the best post I've read inn a long time! Congrats to be back on the Dragon, you both look fantastic.


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