In which we go to an endurance ride and I am not (quite) that dumb

Although I'm healing up phenomenally fast 
following a total hip replacement on March 3rd,
I am not dumb enough to try riding an endurance event 
only a month later.

The cat and both dogs loaded themselves--and each other--several times
while I packed up the little rig.
Which isn't to say that I didn't want to ride at Home on the Range.  I did.  It's one of my favorite events of the year.  

But riding that hard a month out of surgery is a Bad Idea.  And we know who is in charge of those.  

So the Dragon stayed at home while the rest of us jetted over the pass

Errr...jetted?  Well, yes, after Tim replaced a truck starter
in a rest area parking lot.  It's not a real endurance ride if
there aren't any mechanical glitches.

to the dry(er) side of the state.

A familiar landmark on Highway 26, heading east towards Washtucna!
 Once in camp, those with horses set up their confinement areas

Duana bought a brand-new set of Hold Your Horses panels,
and Lois delivered them from Oregon to the ridecamp!

"Pay no attention to the grass, the beetpulp bucket and the hay!
I'm starving!  Santa, will you bring me a cookie?"
But for ride management (and faithful assistants to ride management), sleeping accommodations included a roof...and a kitchen table!

The bunkhouse where Jim and I stayed over the weekend is part of the beautiful Blue Ridge Ranch complex, which celebrated its centennial in 2013.  The Usual Suspects joined us for breakfast on Friday morning--a feast, as usual.

The ranch offers gathering places for hunting, fishing, hiking,
mountain and road biking...and, of course, horseback riding.

 Friday morning before the Endurance 101 clinic (of which there are no photos, sorry), Jim and I went out on the quad to "check" the blue loop.

This was mostly an excuse for the two of us to explore some of the beautiful countryside.

Jim very sweetly drove the trail at the pace of a trotting standardbred
so that I could experience some of the fun I would otherwise miss on ride day.
As usual, I took pictures--and what's a picture of trail without "ears" at the bottom?

On the steeper slopes, I hopped off and followed the quad down the trail.  Easy-peasy!  Who even remembers the part a month ago where I couldn't walk?  Not  me!

While we were out, we saw some of our friends pre-riding the trail.

Green Bean Margie on Magic, and Dory on her green horse Win.

Duana and Hana, Patty and Flower
 Guess who knows what is stored in the pockets of quad riders?

Totally. Not. Afraid. Of. Quads.

I can never get enough of these trails.  When Monica went out to scout some photography locations, I tagged along.

Re-seeded fields all the way to the horizon

Monica's stealth van is a full-size Chevy...but it seems very small
when surrounded by all that pretty.

Back in camp, Roo proceeded to lose her tennis ball about a million times.

I love this dog, but I'm quite sure there are snakes in that gully.  Erch.
 When the rain returned, we re-convened at the Fish Camp, under canopy roofs

A Santa and his Floof, it's a beautiful thing.

Two pretty girls
 ...and of course there was more eating.

Tim's famous sausage soup, and lots of fixin's.  
 Not everyone was invited to dinner.

"We will trade kibble for sausage soup?"

After an early bedtime, the riders were up early for a 7am start.

This photo was taken at the first vetcheck, around 9:30am
Since the trail went through the front yard of the bunkhouse, I just meandered out into the barnyard around 7:15 with a tea cup in one hand and a camera in the other.

They all completed the 50...and the next day

She got down there by herself, and she got right back up again
Patty was hardly sore at all (thanks to a winter of working out at the physical therapy gym).  There is no photo of Duana doing this...(and I shall leave the rest of that sentence for the imagination of the reader)!

Although it's difficult to believe, I did not actually die of jealousy.  But as soon as I got home I took the Dragon out for a ride.

Back out on the trail!
 The Mount Adams ride is a mere 6 weeks away!

And at Mount Adams, I plan to RIDE!

Cuz riding = good.


  1. LOVE your ears photos! So glad everybody had a great time and you didn't come back lame!

  2. Looks like the weather was "picture perfect"! You just had to find a way to get the wind in your hair - sans helmet! :-) Lucky Dory that Tim has those mechanical skills!


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