in which I leave the poultry in charge of the farm while we're all at camp

She's at camp this week, you turkeys!
Time to have fun before she gets back!


  1. agh, aarene, just like every year since we've lived here, the zucchini are dying (of "blossom end rot"). wth. this time i spent 8 euros on a pack of disease resistant seeds, 8 seeds total. i give up: (

  2. oh, and i dreamt of renegade last night. that my sister was taking baasha through the 50. but she was driving him cuz it was a ride/drive endurance ride. she made it to mile 30 before getting pulled. i remember thinking, "but he's retired!" and "she can pull a trailer?"

    hehe, renegade as a ride/drive. that's not remotely possible.


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