In which we report the doings of the first fine week of September

Well, we went riding, of course.

Soon enough, the weather will fall apart.  But not yet!

Then, we picked up Duana's!  New!  Trailer!

Du was about to pop a button with excitement

2002 Featherlite, 2 horse slant with oversize tack room and rear tack

 Then, it was time to raid the garden.

Tiptoe through the...errr...Giant Pumpkins...

Du found one of the few zukes that hadn't been
run over by pumpkin vines

I'm thinking "garlic pickles"

LOTS of garlic pickles

Not everything is ready for harvest yet.

This isn't the biggest pumpkin, it's just the biggest pumpkin I could get to.
The really big pumpkins are in the very center of the garden.

Luna helped

Roo helped too

We pulled out a big tub of food and shared it out for at least three or four families.

Cucumbers, baby pumpkins, zukes, and beans

The green beans are starting to bulge out with bean seeds, so I shelled a bunch for dinner.

At least four variety of beans here

Combined with a few other good ingredients

Patty is a tomato-growing genius--and she shares!

I made dinner!

Saute the beans in a bit of olive oil with some finely-chopped onion

Chop up some of those beautiful tomatoes

Fresh corn from a local farm

The biggest beans weren't cooking fast enough, so I pulled them out.
Food doesn't get wasted around here--the chickens will enjoy them!

Add the corn to the sauteed beans, and then the tomatoes at the last second.
Chill the whole mixture for an hour in the fridge.

After a hot afternoon of splitting and stacking firewood

The rented splitter makes everything go so much faster!

It was the perfect dinner.

Chill for an hour or two, and then add lime juice and cilantro.
Serve with wild rice and a cold beer.


You know that's what it is!


  1. It looks like you all have so much fun! I love it, thanks for sharing the warmth of good friends, and those lovely colorful photos.

  2. Oh my gosh, I want to come to your house for dinner- Yummmmm! New trailer is nice too!

  3. Aarene, thanks for the help and encouragement on my blog last week. I am in the "wanna sell her" phase right now. I hope I have enough stubbornness to not do that. I certainly can't tap her with my heels for an hour straight when she balks, I don't have that kind of strength!

    About Duanna's new trailer, wow, so happy for her! I was hoping she'd go Used Aluminum rather than New Steel.

    The last of the hoped-for zucchinis are dying on the vine in still-tiny state, as always. 5 years and not a single zucchini. Why do I try. Anyway, I have one good tomato plant, and a passable herb garden. I have beanstalks all over the place, and a handful of beans on them. The neighbor came to check on my greenhouse this week and said "Yah, nothing succeeds when it's so humid out, everything rots before it can ripen." Which explains the mold at the end of each green bean. I picked one and started eating it and she said STOP, omg, They're poisonous raw!

    What? Are they really? You can't eat raw green beans? I love them! I think I might be immortal now. Yes, I just stood in sunlight and didn't burst into flame.

    1. Raw kidney beans contain photo has phytohaemagglutinin, which is quite toxic (extreme nausea, vomiting) in small amounts - four or five raw kidney beans can trigger symptoms. There is also questionable data about raw Lima beans. According to Doctor Google, all raw beans are considered poisonous by Germans, but green beans look safe.

      Don't give up. I used spurs to amplify my leg aids when my legs stopped working. Interesting to note that Fee PREFERS when I use spurs now, as they make for a quieter and more precise cue. But remember what Buck B said: "don't be afraid to punch a hole in his lungs" if he's not listening.

    2. (Thank you, blogger spellcheck for adding extra and nonsensical words to my reply)

  4. Thanks for this. Since kidney beans are the only type of bean available at the local grocery store (WHY, aldi?!!!) we eat a lot of them. I'm very careful to cook the heck out of them.


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