In which the Newest Camera takes better pictures of lots of stuff

I went riding today, and (of course) I took the camera.

Newest Camera:  a big improvement

That camera and I had been through a lot together, we knew each other.  And was gone.

I got another camera when it became clear that my Old Camera had gone walkabout and probably got swallowed by an elk.  

Rebound relationships are never good.  The Rebound Camera was too fond of opiates.   I took it back.  

(Best Buy has a very good return policy, and excellent customer service, in case you ever need to know that.  Their extended warranty ain't cheap, but for somebody like me who puts a lot of rough-and-tumble mileage on a camera every year, it's worth it.)

Replacement #2, aka the Newest Camera, cost more money than I wanted to pay.   Also, it's red, not purple (or even pink).

Factory photo.  I actually forgot that the flash is manual until I found this picture
--I always set the programming to "permanently off"!
 And it's a little bit bigger and heavier than my old camera.  But...

Clarity at speed: we haz it.

Clarity in low light:  we haz dat, too

The blues are blue, the greens are green.  The Dragon is Draconic.

Of course, not all pictures turn out, uhh, picture-perfect.  This is not surprising, considering that I shoot almost everything from atop a moving platform, usually using only one hand.

Only one ear
However, the Newest Camera has a feature that the Lost Camera sorta had, and the Rebound Camera didn't have at all:  a rapid-fire setting.  

I usually leave the camera on rapid-fire, and delete most of the pictures when I download them to a computer.  

This picture is a "keeper" -- no weird shadows, her ears are up,
and it's relatively balanced visually

This camera is easy in my hand, and fast to shoot--so I can drop the leadline to shoot a quick photo of somebody's big, lovely head.

Does this camera make my nose look big?

The Lost Camera had a crummy telephoto, but I'm pretty thrilled with this one.

To your horse, this is a pile of monsters.
To mine, it's a mounting block.
And yeah, ya gotta stand right next to it.

Here are some other recent photos from the Newest Camera:

Macro: sunflower, ready for harvest

Telephoto, shooting into the sun:  goats shaded by Dragon

Shot across the yard and cropped in:  Duana and Sirie by the garden

Telephoto from across the yard:  Connor, Sirie, and sunflowers

Telephoto closeup:  turkey

Indoors:  relishes and pickles made by Jim and Patty

Shooting into the sun:  Haiku Farm from the roof of the house

Back on the trail, Fee saw something suspicious by the side of the road.

Chainsaws, hatchets, a ladder, and bundles of cedar branches

The "scary" people associated with the chainsaws and stuff might have been serial killers looking for victims among miles of uninhabited tree farm.

They might have been zombies unaware of the doughnut shop in Spokane endorsed by little dogs and zombies.

Or they might have been persons with very little English language skills who have purchased a cheap firewood-claim from the tree farm in order to earn money to send to families elsewhere.

Newest Camera Does Video:

Fiddle voted for zombies (she does a "standardbred spook" at them in the bushes at around :30 on the video).

I was almost ready to believe her about undead entities when I was "attacked" an hour later.

Vampire?  Or tree branch?
This was the first time I've used a camera to view an
awkwardly-placed injury! 

But mostly, this camera takes nice pictures of my favorite view.

And that is Good.


  1. I think your new camera passes muster! And I like your earrings.

  2. Great shots with the new camera! Now I'm kind of glad mine is dying because I know what to get next. :)
    SO jealous of the standardbred spook! My Arab mare would have gone at least 5 feet sideways & probably slammed my leg into a tree. (which partially explains my back problems & why she has a new owner.)

  3. LOVE my canon. Didn't like the price tag. But the ability to take good photos was *almost* priceless and it's survived many years in my saddle bags. Looking forward to awesome pics :)

    1. The old AND new AND rebound cameras were all Canons. And the new one is right on the edge of "too much $$" meaning, if I'd paid any more for it I wouldn't want to take it on the trail. As it is, I don't dare lose this one. Red is a good color for that, mebbe?

  4. Nice test run on the new camera. looks like it will be a keeper.. with a few nice perks the old model didn't have. I kinda abuse my camera's as well and my Canon elf finally called it quits after I dropped it multiple times. I am looking forward to all the new footage with the new camera.

  5. You've almost convinced me :-) Really nice shots all good! But my little sale $20. Nikon can really produce on "occasion"... It keeps me guessing :-)


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