In which we go to the PNER convention and have good times

Those prom dresses sure looked good on Saturday night!

For the first time at PNER convention, I spent not a single moment in the lectures.  

I often miss big chunks of the education portions, usually because I'm putting out metaphoric fires elsewhere, or just because I love hanging out and chatting with folks more than I love sitting still and taking notes.

This year (hooray!) all the lectures have been video recorded and archived--so I can watch them any time I want.  What an excellent plan.

(The lectures are available to all current PNER members.  If you aren't a member and live outside the region, you can pay for a "newsletter-only" membership that will allow you access.  I'll post the link to details when our webmaster returns from his business trip and activates it)

So, what did I do at convention?

The beautiful ladies at American Trail Gear  kindly allowed Endurance 101 to camp out in their booth and sell books.  So that's what we did all weekend:  

We sold books... 

...and signed them, too!

Monica just posted a really lovely account of our adventures as vendors.  I think you should go over to her blog and read what she wrote.  The link is HERE.

If you haven't gotten your signed copy of Endurance 101, it's not too late.  I'll be joining American Trail Gear at their booth in the AERC Convention Vendor Hall in March.  See you there, I hope!


  1. Sounds like you had a working weekend with good times thrown in :-)

  2. Hold on. We know I have the book...(If you haven't bought it yet, its fanastic! Go. Buy. You will be happy.)...but I see an Edurance 101 T-shirt.
    It's not a complete experience if I can't say "been there, done that, have the T-shirt".;)

  3. T-shirts are in progress, these are prototypes. Stay tuned.

    Also, coming soon: "Bad Idea Fairy Repellent!"


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