In which we are crunched and feel better and there is a life hack as well

First stop for me this morning:

the chiropractor's office

Doctor Welly has been treating endurance riders at our end of the county for decades.

He knows exactly what we need and how we break...and how to fix us.

Yes, a carpet sample can help fix you.
Keep reading and I'll tell more at the bottom of the post.

The second stop:


Errr, the real reason for the stop:

Equine chiro

Craig starts out by checking mobility and flexibility, and looking for "stuck or twitchy bits."

"The horse mirrors the rider."
Fee was "out" on the left side, directly under the spots where my previously-broken pieces connect with her.

Moving rib heads

Before adjustment, she twitched when he touched her here.
After, no twitching at all.

This is not a job for a short person.

Notice the floppy lip.  This is the first time she's ever flopped her lip
while somebody other than me was touching her head.

There was a lot of activity in the barn aisle during her adjustment, but Fiddle was quiet and cooperative for the entire thing.

My horse is very bendy.

Homework:  massage this area (both sides) to
loosen up the "banjo strings" before riding.

Back home after the appointment:
I didn't forget to share Doctor Welly's life hack.


Carpet remnant to help prevent truck disease
One of the hardest parts of our sport is "truck disease," which occurs when you take a normally very-active person, and strap that person into a truck for 2 or 3 or 4 or 8 or 10 hours...each direction.

Doctor Welly says that every hour or so, move the carpet remnant around under your bum, or out from under, or further back or further forward to change the way the truck seats you.  The carpet won't make the truck seat better or worse, but it will make it different, and that can be enough to slow or stop the stiff muscles we get from driving to (and from) endurance rides.

Simple, cheap, effective.  My favorite things.


  1. good things! I finally went to a chiro myself this week after a decade without and rebuilt body parts since..then trimmed unruly horses and fitted boots all week. I'm so going back to the chiro Monday.

  2. i love the cure for "truck disease". How great is that? Will have to use when I visit my cousin. ;) I also love Fiddle's face with the Chiro. She's clearly saying, "Mom. We got a keeper. Can I keep him? I need a pet."


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