In which we do the 20-mile loop again, and "Mama" is ready

The weather was much nicer than the forecast predicted.

Hana helped pack the picnic basket

This whole weekend was supposed to be cold, wet, and windy.

Whatever that stuff on the road is, it isn't rain.
It hasn't been very warm (I think we hit the low 50's, maybe) but the monsoon rains apparently got distracted and fell elsewhere--possibly in the mountains?  I heard the passes got more than a foot of white stuff.  Better them than us, sez me.

It seems like a late start to the endurance calendar, but with Home on the Range off the schedule in 2015, the first Washington State Ride is scheduled for April 25th.  

We're pretty much ready.  

Choosing the right rider clothing is challenging this time of year.
I wore a long sleeved wool shirt, a short sleeved tech shirt, midweight breeches,
and a raincoat, and adjusted the layers at least 10 times in 20 miles. Sigh.
Barring the usual hell and high water (and excessive sn*w in the passes), Fiddle and I are set to do our first 75-miler together.  

Patty was hoping to ride Flower but a lingering abscess has sidelined the spotted pony for a while, so Ariana has been called up to pinch hit.  She's been ridden lightly all winter, given some time off last month to gain a bit more weight, and is back on the trail again.

Ariana, aka "Mama" is not just ready to go to the ride:
she's ready for a 50-miler!
photo by S. Lange

We did the same 20-mile loop we did last week, including a quick food stop at the Monument.

The meadow was FULL of endurance riders
 When we arrived at the Monument meadow, we got greeted (a little too enthusiastically for my taste) by three large, loud, Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Fortunately, we know these dogs: they belong to our friends David and Jennifer.  I kept a tight line on the Dragon.  She is not fond of being charged by dogs.

Patty was raised by a pack of Ridgebacks, and does not appreciate misbehavior.
photo by D. Kolouskova

When the meadow cleared out a bit, it was time for a quick snack.

Trading stuff around the various lunch boxes.

Hana wanted to taste a little bit of everything.  She did not like hummus.

And then, back down the road to the trailhead again.

Strong and ready

We have just one or two more training rides left.  Then: it's off to Spokane for the ride!

And that is very, very good.


  1. Spokane!!? I wonder what happened to HOTR. I think the Spokane area would be lovely to ride - hope the weather is good for you.

  2. I'm having a lovely day dreamy bout of ride envy. I'm so happy to be on the virtual ride, the envy is only theoretical. Only 4 more weeks until I can sling my leg into the saddle!


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