In which Foxie leads the rampage and Fee trots out for the video

Mornings are often pretty quiet on the Farm.

Monica wakes up early to do artistic stuff with ferns, or with clay, or with her camera.

Only a real artist could make a turkey poult look pretty.
This young one died by misadventure a few days ago.
Apparently, turkeys don't swim well.  Sigh.
 Her brothers are doing fine.
Jim works such strange hours these days that "morning" doesn't really exist for him.

And I like to hear the morning Mozart program in the barn while I'm cleaning, before I wander around the farm to harvest breakfast.

strawberries and blueberries from the backyard

The dogs like a little more activity and noise in their morning.  Along with the cat, they enact what we like to call the "migration of the wildebeest herds" each day.

Today was a little more boisterous than usual, so I figured I'd share.

Notice that the cat plays the game along with the floofs!


On her last ride out, Fee seemed a little "off" at the trot.  Not lame, exactly, but a little glitchy.

Certainly not consistently lame enough to be pulled at an endurance ride, but the gait was oddball enough that I aborted the workout and went back to the trailer early.

We got video of her trotting.  Do you see what we see?

She's due for shoes on Thursday.  I'm also going to try to get the chiro out to see her (not an easy task on short notice) before we leave for camp.  She's certainly sound enough to do trail work with us in the woods.

As for the Renegade Rendezvous ride, I guess we'll let the ride vets help decide how far we go.

It's always something, right?


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