In which there's always room here for a bit more floof and barking and mud

Roo and Luna have a new little brother!

Left-to-right:  Roo, Foxie, and Luna

Foxie Loxie Littledog weighs about 14 pounds.  (For comparison, Roo weighs close to 30 pounds).  He's bred to be tiny...even tinier than Pickles Marie Tinydog, who was about 16 pounds when we (finally, briefly) got her up to fighting weight!

This dog doesn't have any of Pickles' health concerns.  He's about a year old, and has had excellent health care his whole life.  His former owner

Former owner Pauline pets Luna, as Foxie explores the "new dog park"
in his new back yard.

recognizes that her city lifestyle was just fine for the elderly sheltie who died  last year, but isn't nearly engaging enough for a playful young dog.  She did a lovely job raising the pup. 

C'mon, Old Dog, let's run and play!

And now he has come to live here, where dogs have plenty of room to run and chase and bark, and nobody minds much when they shed and drag mud into the house.

Foxie Loxie tells Santa everything

He has got us all quite charmed.

Ear kisses are very sweet

And that is a Good Thing.


  1. So sweet! (Yes, going on a comment stalking binge now that I found away around bloggers distaste of me) The floofs always look sparkly clean and extra floofyily groomed. Is that one of your super powers?


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