In which I'm supposed to be writing a novel, so here are pictures

It's November again, in case y'all haven't noticed.  
And in November, I WRITE.

Sometimes the things I write are good.  Sometimes they are awful.  Two books drafted during the month of November have been published, another will be when I can wrap my brain all the way around the edits.

November is National Novel Writing Month, when all over the world, writers commit to composing  50,000 words:  the first draft of a novel.  NaNoWriMo is about writing, not about goodness, awfulness, or editing.  With only 30 days in the month, there is no time for quality.  December is the time to figure out solutions for character development, plot holes, and grammatical gaffes.

You can join us, if you want.  

My personal challenge this month is to write the book in two weeks, rather than a month, because on November 16th, they're gonna numb up my brain and take a hacksaw to my right hip joint.  I learned the last time around that, following surgery, creative thought doesn't happen for at least six months.

It's comforting to understand that this side effect is temporary.  But it means I have to get my main character safely into her treehouse and away from the zombies by midnight on November 15th. Wish me luck.

I'll be blogging through my recovery, as before.  I hope the redux will be boring.  "Interesting" almost always equates to "Thing Gone Wrong."

Here are some pictures I unearthed this week while I was supposed to be writing.

Profile picture of Fiddle, age 3ish

The first three photos were supplied by Greener Pastures, the adoption agency that facilitated the matchup between Fiddle and me.

early under-saddle training, 2005-ish

These three pictures were all I knew about Fiddle before she unloaded on a rainy night in December 2006 and they handed me the leadrope.

You can't tell from the photo that she was a true klutz as a young horse

I had never met her before that night.  It might have ended badly.

Our first training session.  She was unimpressed.  December 2006

Fortunately for all of us, it has not ended badly at all.

The klutziness is a little more evident in this picture.  January 2007

You might even say that,

In good weight, but lacking the muscles she sports today.
I worked her on the ground for 5 months before mounting up, June 2007


 Under saddle with me at last, she was very clumsy, but sensible.
July 2007

thus far,
Our first year on trails we did not compete.
At the Lakeview 2008 ride, we pulled ribbons
after the event.

Fiddle and I

We also marked routes and did some basic trail work together
at the Renegade 2008 ride.

are learning how

Just for fun: a costume ride in October 2008

to live

More costumes?  Why not?  Easter Sunday 2009

happily ever after.

Out of the boarding stable at last, we brought the horses home
in May 2009

We've learned a lot together

Fiddle and I went with our friends Sky and Cricket into the backcountry
August 2009

over the years.

Our first year of competitions was
limited distance only.
Klicitat Trek 2010

I've taken care of her,

Back to the mountains again in August 2010.

and she has carried me

Another week of trail maintenance before entering
(and finishing) the 50-miler at Renegade 2011.

to places

Profile, July 2011
Fiddle finally grew into her head.

I probably would never have seen otherwise.

A lot more muscles are visible in summer 2011.

When it was her turn

Legging up after a rainy winter.  April 2012

to take care of me

The day after the ride:  Renegade 2012

she taught me how

Sensible face mare.  HOTR 2013

to accept help from my friends

These days, she has a pretty face, and even
a bit of a smile for one of her favorite vets.
With Dr. Dick Root, 2013

(including her)

She didn't hurt anymore post-spay, but I was in pain at the
Cariboo Gold Challenge 2013

and that sometimes,

Hurting, but still riding at Jubilee 2013
She took good care of me.

it's okay

Back in the saddle and pain free again!
Renegade 2014

to let the horse

Hovermare does not need wings.
Mt Adams 2014

do the driving.

She carries me in beautiful places.
Jubilee 2014

We've had almost nine years together

My other hip hurt, but riding is still the best thing.
Klickitat Trek 2015
(so far)

Renegade 2015

and you know what?

It's mostly been really, really Good.


  1. I love that last photo.

  2. Wow, I think it takes guts and a lot of confidence to adopt a horse based solely on photos. I am glad that the match worked out so well. What a lovely series of photos showing her progression.

    1. guts? or maybe advanced dumbness? We lucked out, both of us...although neither of us thought that in the early days!

    2. I adopted Eli based on a video only. Best decision ever!

  3. On Dragon wings the world is a beautiful place. My joy comes from the stories of "happily ever after" with the horses and humans I have had the honor of introducing.

  4. There is nothing like a good horse. Love the pics and the story :)

  5. This is a lovely tribute to your years together so far!


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