In which the hitch in my getalong has a twin and there is safety

A Tale of Two Hitches

It was the worst of joints, it was the best of joints.
It was the age of rust, it was the age of composites.
It was the epoch of hi-tech, it was the epoch of low tech...

Dual hitches in my getalong, November 2015

Recovery from Hip Replacement Surgery II continues to progress at a mind-boggling pace.  When I went through surgery and recovery in 2014, we were all amazed at how quickly I recovered.  There was pain, stiffness, and (a lot of) fatigue, but I gained back mobility and skills pretty fast.

Flashback to 2014:  
Day 4 - Came home from hospital.  Day 6 - ditched the walker.  Day 7 - walked slowly down to the barn.  Day 8 - ditched the cane.  Day 10 - slow progress, weaning off pain meds, starting to move around more.  Day 14 - taking fewer pain meds, went to a horse show (to watch).  Day 19 - went for a 1.5 mile walk with Roo.  Day 25 - rode Hana in the arena for about five minutes (walk/trot).  Day 29 - rode Fiddle on the trail for about an hour (walk/trot).  

That was then.  This is now:
Day 13 - 1.5 mile walk with Roo
I'm taking tons fewer meds this time, and there is so much less pain this time, and much more mobility.  I had my first physical therapy session today, and it made me tired and a little sore.  

BUT I'M MOVING AGAIN!  even faster than last time, too.  And it feels so good.

In other news, there's this:

the front of my trailer looks, um, newer than the rest of the rig

A few weeks ago we had a mysterious failure that caused no damage and no injury at all, and finally tracked down the cause.

This looks normal, except that it is no longer attached to the trailer.
That's because we replaced it!

The trailer was mysteriously coming partially disconnected from the trailer hitch...while en route.

When we arrived at camp in Kittitas, we found the hitch perched on the top half of the hitch ball, and held in place by the anti-sway bars.

Hmmm.  That could be bad.

Finally, somebody figured it out.

The spring that holds this piece in place had failed

So, while I was in the hospital getting my joint replaced, the trailer was in the shop getting the hitch replaced.


Soon, I'm gonna be riding again.

(but not quite yet)

So, here's a thought:  if your trailer is, oooooh, about ten years old or older,  maybe go check that little spring latch on the underside of the hitch, and make sure it's good and strong.  Takes about 5 minutes.  

Might be really important.  Okay?  Thanks!


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