In which rehab is slow, and there's new video of the fetching trick

We're up to walking 20 minutes, twice per day.

There was a humongous wind storm in our region yesterday, and Fiddle was a knucklehead about the noise, flinging herself around the paddock and generally being stupid.  I need to buy a few more tubes of Quietex:  that stuff works faster than the pellets when things go pear-shaped while she is supposed to stay quiet.

Duana and her husband Jason visited and we showed off the new trick so Jason could get some video.
Fiddle's trick has advanced a bit:  I can now throw the disc a few feet away, and Fee will leave my side and go to the frisbee to pick it up.

In the next stage, I will ask her to bring it back to me, first by moving her head to me (instead of just standing there with it in her mouth), and later by moving her feet.

It's not exciting.  But then, "exciting" and "rehab" should NOT go together.  It is pretty cool to see her figuring out the next step when I change the rules slightly at each stage.

So, there's that.


  1. I think it's exciting! These rehab posts keep inspiring me to find more fun things, like this, to work on with my colt. We are using a rubber chicken instead of a Frisbee, hey, use what you have. Can't wait till we get as far as you are here. Very impressed.


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