In which April Showers are coming, and this time I'm REALLY READY!

Swamplanders talk--and think--a lot about rain gear.

Introducing: The Dragonwalker Duster
premium raingear for equestrians!
photo by M. Bretherton

I've written about staying warm and dry several times.  
At the Bare Bones ride in 2011, I underestimated the weather and I was very sad.
At the April Daze ride in 2015, I had a lot of rain gear with me, and I used it all.

Finding a decent rain coat isn't easy, and it's been a long search to find something great.  

There's a lot of stuff out there that isn't great.  Cheap rain gear loses waterproofing fast.  Expensive rain gear built in cut-rate Chinese factories isn't much better.  I am sad to report most of the raingear sold by REI is built in China.  

I've been "making do" for several years with my Muddy Creek coats.  (The company is based in Michigan, USA  and Australia, but everything is built in China).  

Muddy Creek coats, new in this picture (2011).
They did not age well, and are both pretty tattered now.

I liked the short coat well enough to buy the Muddy Creek long coat, but neither is particularly well-made.  The reflective trim on the short coat has come unravelled, the snaps have broken, and the waterproofing in the arms has faded away. 

The long coat is slightly better, but the quality of the construction is iffy--broken snaps, seams that aren't quite right, etc.  Also, the long coat is so long (even in size small) that I step on the hem while mounting, which leads to either falling over (awkward, especially with rebuilt hips) or strangling myself (amusing to onlookers, not so funny to me).  

The Muddy Creek coats aren't cheap, but they are better than anything else on the market...until now.

Long enough to cover my knees while riding,
but short enough to allow me to walk without tripping
and mount without embarrassment! 

The Original Dragonwalker coat is made of a high-quality, ultra-lightweight waterproof and breathable fabric, available in black, purple, light blue, and burgandy.  
Sizes: S, M, L, XL Price: $240.  

A blogger's gotta have pockets to carry a camera!

Mine has some extra features that cost a little more, but are totally worthwhile if you spend a lot of time riding in the rain.  These include  pit zips (vents are also available) and customized pockets (mine were sized slightly larger than usual to fit my camera and my phone).  The price for customization is $12-$15 per feature.

For price-conscious shoppers or those who live in slightly kinder climates, the same Dragonwalker style is available in a less-expensive option. The fabric for The Basic Dragonwalker is also a three-ply system of densely woven fabric, waterproof, windproof, and breathable.  Colors include black, forest green, red, royal blue, and ash grey.  Sizes: S, M, L, XL  Price: $165

Mixing/matching colors is also possible by special arrangement.

And the best part:  they aren't made in China!!!!

Dragonwalker Dusters are made right here in Washington State by a longtime equestrian, endurance rider, and Friend of the Dragon.

Those aren't "disapproving ears."
Those are "let's have some MORE COOKIES" ears
Joyce has been a professional seamstress for more than 20 years.  In fact, she made the early prototype for the Dragonwalker coat at least 15 years ago, and Patty still wears it!

After all this time, she is ready to "go public" with them.

Ready to order? The website is still being built, but you can order your coat by phone:
(360) 740-5572

What are you waiting for?  Those April Showers are coming soon!


  1. Nice! Will she be bringing any to rides?

    1. I think she's working on a by-order-only basis at first...but you can call and ask!

  2. Joyce made my friend Larry a pair of polka dot half chaps to match his Appy, and a huge purple waterproof bale bag. It was so long ago she might not remember: )

    Tell me about the lining - I don't need one, I'd rather layer. Is the jacket tailored like the Muddy Creek? The MC has a drawstring that gave it a pretty A shape, it's very slimming. Does this jacket come in a mid-thigh length? What are the sleeves like at the wrist - any sort of closure? I love having a reflector on both sides, would love a non-tattery one. I'd love a jacket in the color of manure/mud, because that's how it will end up. My MC's arms soaked through in a heavy rain when it was new, so my biggest question is, how waterproof is the Dragon Walker? Can you get some sort of embroidered Fiddle head on the sleeve to let people know "This is endorsed by the 2015 High Mileage Standardbred"?

    Oh, let's see Patty's prototype!

    1. She probably remembers--who could forget polka dot half chaps?!

      Lining: it is unlined! Which translates to "light enough to wear when it's warm and wet, and roomy enough to add layers under when it's cold and wet!" Perfect, yes?

      Reflector: yes, that would be nice. If you order one, ask!

      Endorsement embroidery: not available at this time, but Fiddle is happy to smear drool on it prior to shipping (by special request only).

      Patty's coat: I'll try to get a photo. It originally belonged to Patty's dad, and she procured it when he retired from riding. Lots of miles on that coat.


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