In which we celebrate the Gotcha anniversary of Foxie

This week marks Foxie Loxie PantsOnFire MacFeagle's 
one-year anniversary at the Farm.

Being lamb-carried gives him a nice view of his domain

In this time, he has learned essential farm dog skills.

We tied him to Roo so she could teach him good manners.

He now performs essential tasks in camp

"It's a hundred zillion degrees in the shade, and you've
just finished a tough 50 miler.  Let me sit on you."

 and at home.

"I don't approve of reading.
Rub my tummy instead."

He's an excellent companion,   

They are certain that whatever is in the oven will be shared with dogs.

and he has learned things that city dogs don't even know are possible.

Happy Gotcha Day, Fox!


  1. Love that little Foxie, so happy he has such a great Mom and Pop! Hugs to you all congrats on the anniversary!


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