In which Fiddle visits Doctor Dear again and the garden greens up

A bit of "ketchup" before we head for Renegade ridecamp 
at the end of the week.

A week or so ago, Fiddle had a re-check appointment with Dr. Fehr.  Spellcheck refuses to recognize our vet's last name, and constantly changes it to "Dear" which is rather apt.

Chiro adjustment feels good, Dear Doctor!

We did the usual walk-out and trot-out.

(Wonderful Rebecca is at the wheel again, so I could film and not be a limping distraction)

Bottom line:  Fiddle is better.
Fiddle loves Dr Dear

Not ready to start Tevis, or anything.

The "short" loop: 7.28 miles in about 90 minutes

But certainly sound enough to start increasing the duration and speed of the weekly rides.

We had new/green horses with us on Sunday, so we went slower:
9.45  miles in 2 hours 40 minutes.

Here's the vet's report, biggify to see deets.

"RH still swinging in-and-out, still jiggy but jogged okay.  Short RH when outside of the circle.  

We are back to the point we were at our first visit [June 2015].

Fiddle shows some sensitivity with pressure placed over the medial aspect of the lower hock joings.  Therefore we will keep in mind her hocks may need to be injected.  Will assess in early August and decide if we inject hocks or stifle."

The line below the bottom line: 

Fiddle and I are cleared to go to camp and build trails together for a week at Renegade.  We will have the ride vets assess her after the work is finished.  We won't be competing, but that's okay:  we will be back where we belong, with our trail tools and our friends.

This is what Fiddle and I look like inside our heads when we are happy

Elsewhere on the Farm, it is Summer.

We didn't plant California poppies, but some sprout up randomly each year
and we welcome them

Very few strawberries now remain--the bushes have been thoroughly
plundered by the residents of Haiku Farm, especially the Floofs.

Squash plants got pummeled in a hailstorm a few days ago,
but seem to be rallying

I fear the blueberries will all come ripe while we're gone

The hens have offered to help with blueberry disposal if
the berries all come ripe while we're gone

The "new" garden is filling up with pea vines

Somehow I planted PURPLE PEAS...and I don't remember doing it!
They are prettier than green peas, but not quite as tasty

The basil plants deeply resent the rain we've had recently...
but since the basil was planted as a companion to the Tomato Curse,
I ignore the little whiners.

Speaking of the Tomato Curse, it's been raining.
So, that's working!

Monica transplanted the rhubarb this spring, and it's still a little pouty.
But we've gotten rhubarb from friends this year, so we will survive.

We could plant 4 acres of garlic and it still wouldn't be enough.
Our town used to host a Garlic Festival.

Leetle baybee grapes!

a few raspberries from young bushes

This blackberry bramble keeps popping up under one of the cedar trees.
I will harvest the berries this summer and then cut it back to the ground

Not on the Farm, but nearby:  Dory rescued a dying tree
from Fish Creek Farm many years ago, and it has
a bumper crop of pie cherries in her yard this year!

MmmmmmMMMMmm, cherries!

The Dragon prefers grass.


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