In which I've been riding some, but the Ride Season is starting slowly

Some years just don't go according to Plan.

It's getting green here, slowly.  The blackberry brambles always lead the way.

My plan for bringing Fiddle back to competitions was to do an "easy" Limited Distance ride--25 or 30 miles--at Coyote Ride in March.

If that went well, we'd try a 50-miler at the April Daze ride next weekend.

All has not gone well (understatement):

First, Coyote Ridge got cancelled because the winter was so wet that their trails were still soggy and they feared the trucks would fall into a sinkhole.

Then, April Daze got cancelled because there will be military maneuvers (with HELICOPTERS!) on the trail over the weekend.

Then Coyote Ridge got rescheduled to late April in the April Daze slot...but then, my little red truck ate a bunch of money and died, leaving me without a bunch of money and without a commuter vehicle.

Are we done now?  Because I really want to ride!

Fortunately for me, the Very Large Truck (aka "the Cookie Monster")  is still operational.  As a commuter vehicle, it leaves a lot to be desired, and parking it in the City is a colossal PITA.  But it runs.

And on the weekend, it hauls my horse out to the trail head.

Biggify for details, or go to the original page HERE
Basically, 8 miles in about an hour and twenty, which is right where I want to be.

Easter Bunny notwithstanding, Spring is getting a very slow start this year.  We still haven't had many sunny days, the plants are all running late, the trails are too soggy for trotting, and there's still a distinct clammy chill in the air.  If I didn't know better, I'd say it feels more like early March than mid-April.

Some years are like that.

Armored logging roads aren't the prettiest places to ride,
 but at least we have miles and miles of them for soggy weather!

While I'm waiting for Summer--or even Spring!--I guess I'll go riding.  It's what we do here.


  1. The leaves on the trees are finally starting to come in - about 4-5 weeks behind schedule, but it's starting. There's a light (a shiny, warm one, we hope?) at the end of this tunnel!

  2. Hi there, I saw one of your older blogs, in which you mention a fabulous old portable fencing system, manufactured in Central Oregon, and known as 'Silver Medal Panels'.. I used to know the man who made these but I no longer remember his name... I have been searching for a set of these for a long time, and your blog indicated he no longer makes them...

    Might you have a set you'd be interested in selling? Or do you know someone who might? If nor, could you provide the contact info for the man who made these? Perhaps he would be willing to make a couple of custom sets for me?

    Thanks so much!

    PS. I am not 'blog-savvy' so if this is not the appropriate forum for my question, I apologize... I didn'the know how else to reach you. =)

    1. Hi Cheryl, I don't (ever) want to sell my sets, and I don't know of anyone looking to sell theirs at present. You might check the AERC or PNER endurance forums on Facebook--somebody might have some rattling around, or might have contact info for the guy in Central Oregon who used to make them.

      Good luck!


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