In which the doubting game isn't as much fun as I can make it look

Of all the skills endurance riders gain through the sport,
I get consistently top marks in
the ability to doubt my own judgement.


Last Sunday, the plan was to ride two loops with a "vet check" in the middle, for a total of 25 miles.  Not necessarily fast, but steady.

The problem:  we both ran out of givadamn after riding about 15 miles in the rain.

Screen capture of the GPS track, the deets are HERE.
Basically: 17 miles in 3 and a half hours, which is average for us in training

In the ever-fascinating game of Doubt Myself, I came up with the following:

  • What if she's not yet recovered from the stifle injury last year?
  • What if the spring grass (and we have a lot of it) is making her feet sore?
  • What if the spring grass (see above) is giving her a bellyache?
  • What if she's colicky?
  • What if she's got some new undiagnosed injury that I'm too stupid to see?
  • What if she's gorked herself in this stupid weather?
  • What if she's is teetering on the edge of imminent death, and if I ride one more mile she'll keel over?

This wonderful game would be no fun if I didn't run around wildly in the other direction:

  • At her chiro/re-check appointment 2 weeks ago "Doctor Dear"  called Fiddle SOUND.  
Biggify for deets.  Vet comment :
"Fiddle jogged out sound on hard ground...really good!"

  • Fee DID have a bit of gas colic on Friday afternoon, which was quickly resolved by a few belly lifts (followed by an enormous fart)
  • She is now on limited grass until the sugars slow down
  • My Dragon gets bored on trail alone, so I've been trying to meet up with other riders as often as possible
  • Riding in the rain really does get old...and cold...and kinda miserable
  • It's been a week and she hasn't keeled over dead yet.


Not dead yet.  Not even pining for the fjords.

And then there was this:

We're going to try a long ride again tomorrow, if the weather doesn't completely collapse around our ears.

Zoombutt...when she chooses it

Wish us luck!


  1. Uggg, I am a master of the Doubting Game as well... no fun! Have a great ride!

  2. Exactly. I did the same thing yesterday! Do his feet hurt, is something wrong? To test my hypothesis: Turn for home...zoom!

  3. I'm excellent at this skill, too. Shar is constantly accusing me of overthinking things. But yes. I do this.


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