In which a cough requires a doctor, and there is a remedy

I've been coughing.

I had a bad cold while we were building trails at Renegade last month, 
and although most of the symptoms subsided after a week, the cough has lingered.  
I finally punched a hole in my calendar and went to see my doctor.

"Your heart rate is elevated," she told me, "and your temp is a degree high, which for you is almost 3 degrees high."

I told her about my morning activities:  2 hours of physical therapy, followed by off-loading a truckload of hay into the barn...on an 86 degree day.  Then driving into town with the windows open because the air smells so much nicer than the air conditioner in my car.

We agreed that the activity explained much about the heart rate and the temp.  

Just in case, however, she prescribed four things:  
  • An inhaler, to clear my lungs.  
  • A nasal spray, to clear my sinuses.  
  • A mild antibiotic, to chase down the minor sinus infection I was harboring.  
  • A ride on my horse to the river, for personal tranquility.

 I feel better already.


  1. I like the sound of your doctor (: Hopefully you're continuing to feel better!


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