In which I count on my fingers, try to stay cool, and still go riding

 I did some math recently, and discovered that the next 50-miler I want to enter
is about 6 weeks away.   Eeeeeek!

I've been slacking off on training rides lately. 

Time to get that Dragon back out on the trails!

15 mile ride last weekend

The temps have been hot, and the forecast is for hotter weather this week.  

7 miles of speed (top speed 16.1 mph, average speed closer to 6)

The woods are often shady in the late afternoons and early evenings.

8.5 miles, not rushing and not dawdling.

 Morning rides are also not-too-hot, but I really don't like getting up early on my days off.

The exception:

A ride with the Red Horses!

Today I met up with Susanna (and Ted) , Eleni (and Hana), and Duana (and Freya) for a ride down to the river.

Freya has never walked into a river before!  

 Ted is woefully out of shape, and hasn't been ridden in about 10 months, so we travelled at a walk--not a bad plan anyhow.

Fiddle's job was to stand in the river and look bored so the greener horses could learn from her.
The quarter horse riders behind Sue in the photo were really rowdy and loud,
but the Red Horses looked at Fiddle (standing in the river, clearly bored) and followed her example.

Susanna figures this is Ted's 7th or 8th trail ride (ever).  He was a rock star!

Typical Standardbred:  he stops to think a little bit about new stuff...

...and then he walks on forward

There was lots of laughing and talking, and even some singing.  Because that's the way we do things.

Tired-out Ted got a break on the road home, but he was still striding out happily towards the trailhead

 And THAT is GOOD.


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