In which it takes a Village of Suspects to get farm things done

Margie and Craig bought a farm!

Well, it will be a farm eventually.  Right now, it lacks a few farm-essentials:

A barn!  3-bay run-in, with attached feed/tack room

The Usual Suspects are experienced pitcher-inners.

They were here to help raise the barn roof at Haiku Farm back in 2011.  We help move gravel, fix fences, and perform emergency maintenance at each other's places.

It's what we do.

Dean helps secure the new roof

Margie wanted to clear brush away from the line where the fence would go.

 Our Lumberjanes totally have skills for that!

Clearing brush and brambles.  

Under the brush and brambles, we found BARBED WIRE.  

That stuff had to go, so we clipped and ripped and cussed and yanked and got it all out.

Shawn didn't cuss at the barbed wire.  That was MY job.

Then it was time to plot the path of the fence.

We needed a 5' setback from the property line.
Margie is conveniently sized at 5 feet tall.  Coincidence?

Scouting locations for the corner posts.

Drilling the post holes.

Posts in holes.

 Leveling posts.

Setting posts in with gravel.

A break in the shade.

Then, back at it again.

It's how we do things.  And good.


  1. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to all who came out to help!!!


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