In which a storyteller shares a story just for me (and for you)

Every summer, Jim and I spend a weekend at the Powellswood Storytelling Festival,
where we assist the gods and goddesses of storytelling to practice their craft 
in the midst of a beautiful garden.

Usually, the stories concern heroes, magic, parents, and real-life adventures.

But this year, there was a story that I swear was told just for me...about horses!  

...and about HER:
Dale Evans (and Buttermilk)

I've heard MaryGay Ducey perform on stage many times.   I thought I knew the best parts of her repertoire.

Onstage at Powellswood Garden

But somehow, I'd never heard the story about her childhood experiences with horses.

I was delighted to learn that the local radio station had recorded it so y'all can hear it too.

(she even references me in the performance:  I'm the "woman in the back" who can tell folks about riding horses.  I heard her tell the story twice during the weekend, and after the first time, I showed her pictures of the Dragon.  She admired my horse and won my eternal love in doing so)

Pull on your boots, tighten up the chinstrap bead on your fancy cowboy hat, 
and settle down with your headphones for a nice listen.  



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