In which it looks like Autumn and feels like Winter, and I keep on (w)ri(t)ding

It's not very warm out there.

Wool undershirt, polarfleece overshirt, silk scarf, down vest,
windproof polarfleece tights, wool socks, wool hat
(Not pictured: wool gloves, silk helmet liner and helmet)

The trailer has been in the shop (driveway) awaiting repairs for the last two weeks.  I haven't entirely pined away.

I've been writing...

Fox "helps" by adding random characters and resting his snout on the CAPS LOCK key

...and I've been riding.

Building my canter skills, thanks to goodpony Dar (and Dory)

It's been a couple weeks well-suited to hunkering down with my NaNoWriMo project, making soup, and keeping the woodstove going.

Not a black/white photo: this is the sky.

But as soon as the trailer was declared "FIXED"

Happy Dragon, happy Dragonrider

...we were gone.

And it was GOOD.

Granted:  we rode for two hours, and then came home 
and I built a fire in the woodstove and 
hunkered down with the laptop 
and a bowl of soup.

But that's good too.

UPDATE:  Ten minutes after I published this post, the rain started bucketing down peas-and-carrots.  I think I'll make some cocoa to drink while I sit in my fireside chair and write!


  1. Ohhhh, it has been gunmetal grey skies and frigid temps every single day here in Maine, too! As much as I dislike winter, I am with you on the warm food afterwards! My cocoa intake has tripled lately haha! Glad you got the trailer fixed and can ride out again!


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