In which we return to Santa Camp, and there are many jolly folk

It's time to blow the dust off the Red Suit.

Jim is always fabulous in red; this is my first year at Santa Camp in garb

The NorPac Santas are a regional chapter of IBRBS:  the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas. 

More than that: they are a super group of jolly folk, dedicated to making people happy.

Santa True: a top-quality Santa and instructor of Christmas performers (and a really nice man)

It's not all cookies and milk for Christmas performers, by the way. 

Attentive Santas take notes

Santa True's two-day workshop covers important topics like adding value to performances by including songs, stories, and audience participation, knowing how to stay in character,

Incorporating story books into a performance:  the right way (as demonstrated by a famous librarian)

and even a special session for Elves, Fairies, and Mrs. Clauses (and reindeer wranglers, like me!).

Hard-working Santas know that it's important to eat a balanced diet

and spend plenty of time every day playing games

A target-practicing game:  blow the mini-marshmallow through the giant candy cane and ring the bell!

and having fun.

The culmination of the annual workshop is the Grand Parade through Great Wolf Lodge.

More than 60 Santas, elves, Whos, and Mrs. Clauses stage for the parade

Claus-ian support staff, represent!

Kirby is new to the "Mrs Claus" business.  She lives locally, and she has horses!

After much primping and fussing and taking of photos, the parade begins at last.

After the Parade is one of my favorite parts:  the meet-and-greet, in which the freshly groomed Clauses venture out among children for the first time after the long summer hibernation season.

Santa Jim is happy to see the wolflings

They are not too old for Santa

There's something about the plush suit that invites group hugs

This is the baby's first birthday.  Quite a celebration!

This child has already charmed the bells right off those reindeer

Santa Season in the Swampland:  let the merriment commence!


  1. I wish I could explain the phenomenon to the Germans. I say, "Santa, well, you approach and ask a gift."

    What? Well, I dunno, You ..he sits.... you ask....

    J saw "A Christmas Story" and something magical happened....he got it. Even though he has no frame of reference. (It's not a thing here, how could it be?)

    When the weather changes for the worse, I put on a proper German Winter coat, I stick my arms out and say, "I can't put my arms down, I can't put my arms down!"

    And J laughs as if it's his culture that made that joke.

  2. Absolutely magical! I adore this - Santa and his helpers made my childhood absolutely magical. I love learning a little more about how they make it happen. What wonderful people you all are.


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