In which there's a New Camera, but it stayed home when I went riding

Kitty gave me a camera!

"It was gathering dust at home," said Kitty, as she handed it to me. 

The battery needed a good long charge, so I plugged it in at home.

Then, I went riding.  My phone took all the photos on the trail today.

The forecast called for rain, and I heard the radio people insisting that rain was imminent
as I drove home after 2 hours in sunshine.  That's why we call them "weather guessers" here.

Since we were expecting rain, riding was actually "Plan B" today.  Plan A was all about spending time at home in the morning, and hanging out at the Naked Lady Spa with some friends in the afternoon.

Riding is ALWAYS Plan B.  It is also usually Plan A.

Eleni texted from the spa to say that it was very crowded--a 20-minute wait out the door!  Hmmm.

That doesn't sound like it would provide the quiet, restful experience I was seeking today.

And besides, it wasn't raining!

"Go riding" is usually a good idea.  Even more so when there's sunshine in winter!

When I got home, the battery on the New Kid was all charged up, and Jim had even taken an inaugural photo:


I added a second photo to get the buttons under my fingers.

Foxie Loxie Pants on Fire MacFeagle

Then I went outside to mess around with it a little more.

Something is not right.

Still not quite...

That's better!

Thank you for the wonderful gift, Kitty!  This camera will not be gathering dust at Haiku Farm!


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