In which I present a cautionary story for your New Year's Eve

I know you would never do this.  

Ten Jugs of Wine (Japan)
Ten old men decided to celebrate the New Year with a big crock of hot sake wine.

Since none of them could provide for all, they each agreed to bring one jug of wine for the large heating bowl.

On the way to his wine cellar, one of the men thought, "My wine is too valuable to share! No one will know. It'll never show. It'll still be fine. I'll bring a jug of water instead of the wine."

But the second man thought the same thing, and the third.  In fact, each of the men decided to leave their good wine at home, and bring only water to share.

And so it was that, when they gathered with the jugs they brought, all ten old men poured the contents of their jugs ceremoniously into the big bowl and then looked sheepishly at one another as they heated and poured out hot water for all.


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