In which we celebrate seasonal Antler Humiliation stuff

We don't celebrate the Antler Humiliation Festival every year, 
but when we do, we decorate everything.

As a senior survivor of past Antler festivities, Fiddle is able to demonstrate the
Complete Antler Package:  headgear, jingle bells, garland, and a big red bow.

Sheepdogs:  not impressed. 
but look at the little hat!  and the little plush antlers!

Sorche (to Angus):  "Dude, you look like a dweeb."

Also Sorche:  "I think these rather suit me nicely, don't you agree?"

It's not enough to just dress up and dink around the arena for an hour.  Oh, no.

A brief, but enjoyable stroll around Fish Creek

Flower (to Dragon): "No, no.  You totally don't look like a dweeb.  No, really."

But the cutest of all is, of course, the Baby.

FCF Rock Steady meets the Dragon for the first time.  The first time Steady was featured on the blog,
Patty could still pick him up.  Now: not so much.

Steady is in a "bitey" phase--he knows it's naughty but he tries it anyhow.  Dragon let him know that,
although she loves him, he is not allowed to bite her nose.  He was very surprised. I was impressed that she
was clear with her boundaries but didn't actually eat him.  Good girl, Dragon.

No one escapes the Antler Humiliation Festival!

Ariana wears the Xmoose antlers with pride. 

Anybody wanna tell Steady that he doesn't look silly in this outfit?
No, I didn't think so.


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