Twelve is an unusual hen.

We purchased twelve Plymouth Barred Rock chicks in 2009, and named all of them Minerva Louise, after the intrepid hen in the picture books by Janet Morgan Stoeke.  Truthfully, we couldn't (and still can't) tell them apart.  Except for Twelve.

Twelve has had many adventures: first, she was getting pecked to the bone by the other hens so she ran away, and later she  made a friend
In the winter, she lives in the Winter Palace with the other hens and in summer she runs around loose in the backyard, a target for every hawk and weasel in the region.  And yet, she survives.
One might even say that she thrives.  No matter what, she always manages to have adventures. 

UPDATE: One summer night in 2016, the peace of the orchard henhouse was invaded by a hungry varmint.  Twelve was among the six chickens taken away to feed a litter of varmint pups.  

Still, her stories linger and continue to amuse us.  Monica painted a portrait of Haiku Farm's premier hen, embellished with twelve brief stories about Twelve.

embiggen to read all the stories

Good flight, Twelve.  

Her Own Bird: 2009-2016

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