In which Minerva Twelve becomes a wild and free chicken at long last

While working in the garden this afternoon, we heard a terrible commotion inside the new Chicken Tractor.
All the hens were pecking Minerva Louise Twelve.

When they were living in the garden, there was room for her to run away. We had hoped that putting the five least-bossy hens in the new Tractor with Twelve would be okay.
Apparently not.
We keep the hens confined for their safety, mostly. A platoon of hawks is on continual patrol on the thermals above the Farm, looking out for fat rabbits and unwary hens.
We figure that, eventually, one of those hawks will get Twelve...but it's better than leaving her confined with a bunch of bullies. I hope that she remembers where to lay her eggs.

At first, Twelve didn't want to leave the other hens, even though they shouted bad words through the chicken wire of their confinement.
Perhaps she was afraid to be lonely?

We all reckoned without Luna.
Twelve needed a friend who wouldn't peck her.
Luna volunteered to be Twelve's friend.

I heard one time that other farms have normal pets.
We just don't know how to do that here.


  1. And perhaps sweet Luna will serve as a deterrent to those pesky hawks!

  2. Luna's just checking out how the other half lives, perhaps in preparation for her next life.

  3. Normal pets? How dull would that be?

  4. " the drama unfolds on As The Coop Turns"....or "All My Chickens" rofl!

    Luna is such a sweetie and so pretty, too!


    word verif: pingle

    What chickens do. It's neither a pee or a's a pingle.

  5. love it! I'm glad to see we aren't the only ones with crazy pets!


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