Needed for New Place: Shovels and Rakes and Implements of Destruction

Today my friend Sky sent me her list of "must haves" and "nice to haves".

Between all the trail work that Jim and I have done for a lot of years, and even more years of camping with our horses, we've got some stuff...but the stuff we don't have is a kind of motley list itself.

We've posted a bunch of "stuff wanted" ads on FreeCycle, Craigslist, and we've been
hunting through every interesting-looking garage sale we can find.

And who knows? Maybe some reader will say, "hey! I've been tripping over some of those things for at least five years...."

So here goes with 
List #1, The Stuff Sky Says We Need:
Stuff we’ve got:
Shovels:  flat blade, point blade, snow shovel 
trenching tools,
Ax, chain saw, 
crow bar, pry bar
pruners, nippers and sturdy gloves, 
saw horses, 
heavy duty extension cords, 
sledgehammer, post hole digger, 
splitting wedge, weed wacker
Gotta-Have Stuff that we don’t have:
Hoe, Pitchfork, 
Post hole pounder,  a maul
Power tools...., drill, circular saws, etc.
One good battery powered drill... or two, 
(to build the barn and  everything else!)
garden rake, leaf rake,
 mower and pull behind wagon
8' step ladder
big sturdy ropes
hedge trimmers
Nice-To-Have Stuff that we don't have:
TRACTOR!!  With accompanying implements
2 wheelbarrows
extension ladder
chop saw, block and tackle
machete and scythe

So, readers: whaddaya think? Are we crazy to move onto a farm before we even have a wheelbarrow?

Stay tuned, and I guess we'll all find out together....


  1. if i could find a rubbermaid two-wheeled, one-handled wheelbarrow, i'd do a dance of joy. they have nothing like that here. it's very much the dark ages of wheelbarrows. HRMPH.

    i'm impressed you have a chainsaw.


  2. Because we do so much trail work, we actually have TWO chainsaws...the regular chainsaw and the "girley" chainsaw that Jim got cheap somewhere (garage sale?). Guess who gets to use the little saw?!

    We're gonna need them both--the northwest edge of the pasture is lined with adult alder trees that take great delight in dropping branches on the fenceline. We'll leave a few trees there for erosion control, take the others out, and plant evergreen trees instead.

    And hey: alder logs are AWESOME for salmon barbeque....!

    We don't even have a "dark ages" wheelbarrow yet, except for the collapsible garden cart I use in ridecamp to haul water, saddles, and vetcheck gear. It's not exactly the right tool for cleaning stalls!


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