Not superstitious: we just never leave port on a Friday, that's all....

My best friend in high school came from a commercial fishing family. Her dad, Harvey, was a great huge guy who had his own way of doing things. There is a silver dollar under the mast of every vessel Harvey ever built. The coffee cups in the galley always hang up with the open end facing the stern of the boat. And no matter what the forcast says concerninig the weather, the tide table, or the fishing season, Harvey nevers leaves port on a Friday. Midnight-plus-1-minute on Saturday morning, yes. But not on a Friday. Why take chances?

What's this got to do with Haiku Farm?

Lemme tell you: I'm not superstitious, but while we're in this Limbo area between making our offer and signing the closing papers, I'm not taking chances.

We saved the Thanksgiving and Xmas turkey wishbones, and were careful about the wishes we used...I got the first one, Jim got the second, but since we were coordinating it was okay either way.

I am the first person outside every evening at dusk, looking for that first star--it's pretty rare to see any stars at all in a Pacific Northwest winter sky, but I always check to make sure.

Fortune cookies are tricky, but here's Jim's fortune from dinner last night: "Take that chance you've been considering." I'm gonna save that little slip of paper for a few weeks.

Train cars--if you count 'em all (accuracy counts), you can wish on the last one. There's a freight railroad crossing a few blocks from my house....!

Are New Year's Resolutions a wishing thing? I'm never sure, but what the heck:
My resolution is to get moved safely and sanely before the end of Spring.

Wish me luck.


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