House financing tanked. A moment of Onwards to Plan B

Gary the financial genius is still pecking away at our financing, but is not hopeful.   

However, I'm with Winston Churchill, who knew a lot about perseverence.   In a speech
 given in October 1941, Churchill said,

"Never, never give up. In nothing great or small,
 large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and 
good sense."

 We're off to the credit union today to see what we can learn from them about financing.  

Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes, I know it helps.

In honor of Churchill, here's a cartoon about haiku-writing. 

UPDATE:  the credit union rep we spoke with was very encouraging, and we applied for another loan there.  Fingercrossingprayercandlewishes are still needed and greatly appreciated.  We'll probably hear back about this loan on Monday.   

Here's another haiku cartoon to make the wait go a little faster:


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