still no banking news. yes, i'm getting impatient. no, that isn't news.

Due to a series of "bad technology" incidents, we still haven't heard back from the credit union.  

Tomorrow will be better, and we will have more information then.

Which does NOT help me calm d

Let's just all agree that "waiting" will never be a skill that will make me famous.  

Not in a good way, anyhow.

So, here are more haiku cartoons to pass the time, this time courtesy of my friends at Overdue Media.  Y'all never believe me when I tell you that libraries are funny places;  maybe you'll believe these incredibly talented
 cartoonists (one of whom works -- under another name -- for my library system).

Lemme tell ya, if the staff doesn't make you laugh, the public certainly will.  

And laughing is a good way to pass the time while we're waiting for, you know.


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