Itchy palms: money will be coming in soon (and then leaving again)

Really, I swear we aren't superstitious but an hour before our appointment with the mortgage broker yesterday my right palm started itching like crazy.

As everyone knows, itchy palms foretell money changing hands....if the right hand itches, it means money is coming in. Left hand itching means "get out the checkbook baby, you're gonna write a big 'un." And sure enough, when Gary-the-financial genius arrived, he smiled and said, "we have a lender."

And then my itchy palms were forgotten as we signed a huge stack of paperwork. Wahoo. Lots of money coming in.

I don't think it takes a gypsy fortuneteller to predict that in about 3 weeks my left palm will be itchy. At least, I hope so: that's when the sale is supposed to close and Haiku Farm will be ours (and the bank's) at last.

While we're waiting, here's a link to a video of some AMAZING riding skill. Someday, I dream, I'll be able to ride like that. Click on Stacey's name to go there.

(Even though this kid rides like an angel with never a wobble or bobble, I still wish she'd wear a helmet.)


  1. lucky, lucky mare. i love how calm she is the entire time, before too. licking lips too, for added effect. you must have such calm to share with your horse before entering the ring, for your horse to be so at ease. then again, i hear some breeds are actually calmer than others.

    oh and your itchy hand switch (to the left) made me LOL.

    happy for you!

  2. lytha said..."i hear some breeds are actually calmer than others..."

    SNORK! And Standardbreds are supposed to be one of those breeds....

    Truthfully, though, Fiddle is MUCH calmer than the cucumberesque-for-an-Arab Hana. With Fiddle, I might eventually achieve that goal of crossing the start line at a flat-footed walk. Maybe.

    Actually, I'll just be happy when Fiddle and I can do canter transitions without bucking....with or without a saddle!

  3. can you tell me what happened to billy? i haven't heard you mention him in a long time.



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