Everyone join hands and do the "Money Dance" so we can buy this place!

Gary the financial genius overlooked a few of the "new rules" (post-economic-bust) for mortgage lending, so we're on the ropes at the moment.  

Fortunately, he IS a financial genius, so if there are any financial rabbits still hiding in hats, Gary will find them for us.  It's not a "sure thing" though, so we'd appreciate any positive money prayers, good vibes, red candles, prosperity dances and anything else you can think of that might help us. 

Please, no more rain dances, though.  I think we got a little carried away with those on the last go-'round (this photo is the railroad bridge in Arlington, downstream from Haiku Farm by about 15 miles)

Up the hill a bit, things are much drier.  The Shelties and I went out to make sure everything was okay:

This little spring "sprung" out of a mousehole in the lower pasture.  I was pleased to see that the water is very clear.   It's not run-off from the surface, but rather groundwater that spouted up when there was too much of it in the subsoil

The mousehole is in the upper pasture, and is relatively dry.

No word from the mice, yet.   

Keep the good thoughts coming, everyone!


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